Insulating Basement Walls for Safety Your Basement

The basement would be very convenient if we could decorate it. Insulating basement walls is anticipated to make your basement a safe room. A basement if isolated can help reduce your energy costs. However, the basement walls are one of the most controversial areas that should be protected. You need to be careful and consider the advantages and disadvantages if you insulate your basement, not to mention if the basement is insulated then the air will be humid and stuffy. Therefore, it needs a careful thought in the decision to insulate your basement.

Basement Walls

If at this point you decide to insulating basement walls, then you have to take into account the shortcomings and advantages. If you decide to insulate the basement, avoid to insulate the walls, basement walls should be insulated in the basement air-conditioned. Because if it is not air-conditioned, the air contained in the basement will be very hot and stuffy. How hot it is if we are in the room. Perhaps no oxygen that we breathe but we will be crowded because it ran out of oxygen because they can’t breathe properly. It is recommended, if you want to isolate you should insulate the roof, because the roof is not too important in the basement room. Without a basement room roof was going to keep it functioning properly.


In your basement insulating basement walls roof, there are many advantages that we have, including raw material required is not too much, this will save a little expense budget. In addition, in the work process will be easier to isolate the roof rather than by isolating parts of the wall. Minimizing the hot temperatures, protecting the basis of the effect of freeze-thaw cycles in extreme climates, reduce the potential for condensation on the surface in the basement, and preserve normal room temperature area.

If you want to insulating basement walls, you should first understand the types of insulation in the walls or roof of your basement. Among them:

• Blanket (batt and roll) insulation
• Concrete block insulation (new construction)
• Foam board insulation
• Insulating Concrete (new construction)
• Insulation to fill clearances (a good choice for a new basement finished)
• Sprayed foam insulation (a good choice for a new basement finished)