AI applications in customer service

In a call center, the use of artificial intelligence can make a big difference in that it improves the working conditions of agents. It simplifies the resolution of problems encountered by customers, saving them time. To better guide you in this article, we will tell you about the intelligent features of software that aim to optimize support.

NLP Processing

Accurately identifying the client's problem or understanding their intent can be very difficult at times. You can find a best site on Google where there is more information about natural language processing. In other words, the vocabulary and tone used can be misunderstood by the customer even when empathizing. This is likely to create frustration between the two parties. In such a situation, the use of natural language processing and understanding can be useful. These are AIs that allow you to discern the message, emotion and intent conveyed by the customer whether it is spoken or written. In other words, it allows you to accurately understand what the customer means when they talk to the company over the phone or in chat. All this allows the agents to know the solution to offer the customer.

Virtual assistant

It is true that many customers prefer to chat or write with humans to solve their problems of any kind. However, there are simple issues where the use of artificial intelligence is more than beneficial. The algorithms are trained on the basis of data and with human assistance if needed. This learning allows them to interact with customers who wish to solve problems on their own, i.e. autonomously. For example, for the customer who wants to have his bank statement from his customer space with the help of algorithms, he can easily have it. He will not need to contact the customer service anymore. Note that if the customer calls his bank for this problem, he will first wait in a long queue. He will then be directed to the appropriate department, which will waste his time and is ultimately unpleasant. It is to avoid all this and above all to guarantee the satisfaction of the customer in no time that the virtual assistance of AI is created. In addition to providing respite to agents who will no longer be forced to rephrase the same answer several times without any added value to the customer experience. It also brings satisfaction to the customer in a simple and quick way.

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Quality Management

It is a process that ensures that the method, interaction and procedure are in accordance with the set criteria. For a quality customer relationship and experience, customer service must be part of this process while being well monitored. It is almost impossible to achieve good quality management without using artificial intelligence. In fact, it allows you to understand what advisors are saying, where problems with interactions are coming from and also to check if their practices are in line. It's also a way to track in an automated way the performance of your agents, check compliance with the established script for handling objections. You can therefore refocus on specific points. All this also allows you to prepare coaching sessions to improve the level of your customer advisors. 

Here are the applications of artificial intelligence in customer service.