Vaccination pass now mandatory for free travel

Since the coronavirus pandemic has done its damage on a global scale, the health security of everyone is really in question. Measures have been taken all over the world to reduce the risks of contamination. It is time to know more about the vaccine pass.

What is the vaccine pass?

The immunization pass is not a big document. It's either a piece of paper that certifies that you've been vaccinated against the coronavirus, or a negative test that's less than three days old that proves you're not infected with the virus. If you have been infected with the coronavirus, which implies that you have followed the necessary treatment and are cured, the vaccination pass is a certificate that confirms your recovery. It is a certificate that is issued by the authorities to all people who are at least 18 years old and who want it. You can have the vaccination pass in digital version as well as in paper version. The verification of the vaccination pass is not mandatory at the border. However, if you want to travel by air, you must present it.

How do I obtain a vaccination pass and in which countries is it required for free travel?

As mentioned above, there are paper and digital versions of the vaccination pass. You get the paper version when you take the test or get vaccinated. As for the digital version, you can get it when you integrate the app that delivers the COVID-19, tousanticovid carnet. It will deliver the digital version of your vaccine pass. The latter is not yet mandatory to travel freely in all countries. Apart from all the countries of the European Union, there are about thirty countries that require the vaccination pass. Traveling is no longer a simple matter since the arrival of the coronavirus. Those who are not ready for the vaccine are the most affected when they want to travel.