What are the best hosting solutions and DDOS attack protection?

Today, any business is driven by IT. But it is often faced with cyber attacks that make the network corrupted or inaccessible to users. This acts directly on the services offered online. Since it is necessary to face the digital problems that are currently rampant, digital solutions, and specific protection against attacks is advised. What are the different existing measures to counter DDOS attacks? The rest of this article will tell us in full.

What are the different web hosting plans?

To avoid DDOS attacks, there are many IT solutions that one could use to deal with them. Anti-DDos service is precisely the alternative solution that one can well adopt. Protection kits are available depending on the level of risk. Thus, you are offered specific hosting plans to choose appropriately. For a medium-risk web hosting, for example, usually billed at $39.99 per month, you get protection that can go up to 120 Gbit per second. With at least 200g private bandwidth, you have up to 30GB for data storage. You are also offered hosting for your high-risk sites amounting to roughly $140. It should be remembered that each protection package contains at least four packages to choose from according to your needs. In addition, it is possible to have access to protection from a dedicated server and even remotely.

Other protection services against DDOS attacks

Apart from hosting services, you are entitled to standard products like automatic suspension of digital attacks detected in your system. Your network is also monitored at all times to prevent attacks of any magnitude. The protection also consists of tucking your server with a traffic filter. This detects possible DDOS attacks and removes erroneous traffic at the same time. In order to achieve the objectives of protection against hacker attacks, a high-end technology is implemented and regularly updated. Therefore, you are guaranteed a secure hosting. In addition, high-speed connectivity and 24-hour support every day.