When to change the battery of your laptop?

The battery of a laptop computer is a piece of equipment that should be changed when you notice that the health of the battery is defective. The laptop can gradually lose its autonomy when the actual charge capacity is below the initial charge capacity. You should know that after years of use and hundreds of charge cycle renewals, the battery will eventually deteriorate. In this article, we give you the tips to generate a battery life report to know when you need to change its laptop battery.

Using the Windows Command Prompt

First of all, You must have a quality battery, like the ones from batshop.com. After, you need to open the Command Prompt of your laptop's Windows operating system. Then, click on the keyboard shortcut Windows + R and you will see a window open where you will be asked to Run. Type cmd on the scroll bar and confirm with OK.

Generate the autonomy report

Still in the open Command Prompt window, you must type the following command to validate by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. This is how the subject message of the recorded battery life report will appear on your screen. For example, you will see a message like: Battery life report saved in C:UsersNameDuPCbattery-report.html. Note that C:UsersNomDuPC is the directory where your battery life report named battery-report.html is stored.

Open the file explorer of your laptop

Here you have to open the battery life report by opening the Windows File Explorer and then you have to choose the This PC window in the left column. Then double-click on the path Local Disk (C:); click on the Users directory and finally you will have access to the name of your Windows session. The latter will show you the data related to the battery of your laptop.

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Compare the initial charge capacity and the current charge capacity

When you find that the current charge capacity of the battery is lower than the initial charge capacity often expressed in mAh, then it is time to change. You should then go to an online sales platform or a computer store to buy a new battery that matches your pc