Where can you buy a handpan ?

It is now possible to buy a handpan within a reasonable time, whether directly from a manufacturer, in a specialized music store or on major internet stores. But not all instruments are of the same quality and the price of a handpan can vary greatly depending on the handpan brand. Find out in this article where you can go to treat yourself to a handpan.

Buy your handpan directly from a manufacturer

Contacting a manufacturer means choosing to buy directly and having the opportunity to discuss personally with your instrument maker. It will give you a lot of information that you would probably not have access to in a store and on general websites. If you want to buy a handpan, go to the site. Indeed, you can make your choice from the manufacturer, there are criteria that you must check. You must know since when this craftsman has been making handpans. That is, whether he is experienced or not. You must bet on the opinions of Internet users about it. You also need to see what type of handpans they offer and what their delivery time is. Other points can of course be addressed, it is up to you to see which ones are important to you.

Buying your handpan from a music store

A musician or an amateur wishing to acquire a musical instrument naturally goes to a specialized store. It’s practical, there is a choice and above all the possibility of trying and comparing different models of handpans to better understand the one that suits you. Currently there are still few specialized stores in France. The multiplicity of « handpan makers » is changing the organization of this new market and while some manufacturers only sell directly, others are beginning to delegate the marketing of their instruments to well-established professionals. Get an idea of the best value for money and beware of the trap of the cheap instrument supposedly ideal for beginners.

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Buy your handpan on a generalist website

It is clear that the new consumption patterns of Western societies give pride of place to the major Internet brands. The reasons are various, sometimes debatable but it is a fact, today the internet majors offer handpans. Generally these big websites offer lower prices than in stores but concerning handpans this is rarely the case (for the moment anyway). So any handpan that you find at a price of less than 1200 euros (for 8 notes) should strongly lead you to be cautious ! Beware of scams which are more and more numerous. Some platforms offer a cheap handpan, sometimes for a few hundred dollars. So avoid succumbing to temptation because you risk buying a handpan that will be unplayable.